• The Essence of Rose

    The Essence of Rose
    To keep you calm, relax, and fresh... The blessings of a Rose Pause for a moment and rejuvenate your inner calmness with the fragrance of a rose …….. Rose is famous for its mesmerizing fragrance and is considered the symbol of love, purity, beauty, elegance, and compassion. It has always been a part of our cultural and religious events in many ways not only...
  • when cold hits you hard

    when cold hits you hard
    All basics of the common cold that you should be aware of…. With summer being finally over, and winters moving in-- cold and flu season has arrived along. Millions of Pakistanis get the common cold each year, often more than once. To counter coughs and runny nose, many will turn to counter medications available for relief without a prescription. In winters, cold and dry...
  • Do you know obesity can cause life risk

    Do you know obesity can cause life risk
    Are you someone who is facing body shaming or do you know someone who is facing similar issues and society is crushing their confidence in this way? In a society like this, we should remember to nurture our loved ones by telling them how beautiful they are. But with that we also need to make them aware of the fact that obesity is not...
  • SMOG – May Lead to Further Complications AMID COVID-19

    SMOG – May Lead to Further Complications AMID COVID-19
    An emerging environmental challenge Smog is one of the growing issues which affects air quality caused by climate change. Smog is a combination of smoke, dust, and fog. This prevailing issue of Smog is getting severe with each passing year due to which people suffer from numerous respiratory issues and ophthalmic or eye irritation. The effects are worsened by high levels of suspended particulate...
  • ڈینگی بخار: علاج اورحفاظتی تدابیر

    ڈینگی بخار: علاج اورحفاظتی تدابیر
    ڈینگی بخار ایک وائرس کی وجہ سے ہونے والی بیماری ہے جو کہ ایک مچھر(Mosquito) کے ذریعے پھیلتا ہے۔ یہ بیماری اچانک اور شدید حملہ کی صورت میں ظاہر ہوتی ہے۔ گزشتہ پانچ سالوں میں یہ بیماری شدید صورت اختیار کر گئی ہے۔ اس سے کمزور قوت مدافعت کے لوگ زیادہ متاثر ہوتے ہیں۔ پیدائش مرض یہ بیماری ایک وائرس(DENV) سے پیداہوتی ہے جو...
  • Five Best Intakes for Weight Loss

    Five Best Intakes for Weight Loss
    Our bodies adapt to the changing patterns of diet. A diet that involves low carbohydrates is believed to be an effective strategy for weight loss. Protein and fiber are the intakes that help in making our metabolism faster and fuller. There are different foods that choose the different metabolic pathways in our bodies. Different types of foods affect your hormones, hunger, and calories differently....
  • Iron deficiency is common yet curable.

    Iron deficiency is common yet curable.
    Iron is an important and essential dietary mineral that is responsible for many of our bodily functions and helps in producing hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein in red blood cells that assists in carrying oxygen throughout the body. It is also required for many enzymes to function accurately. It is vital to maintain a healthy iron level in the body. Moreover, the lack of...
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