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Typhex Plus
[desc] Benefits: Effective for typhoid fever, measles, chickenpox and their after-effects like dysentery, whooping cough, and inflammation of the bladder. Also useful for general weakness. Suggested Use: Children: 10 ml (1 tablespoonful) after every four hours. Adult: 20 ml (2 tablespoonsful) after...
[desc] Benefits: Effective in malaria, seasonal fever & flu. Relieves restlessness due to fever by inducing perspiration. Suggested Use: For malaria and seasonal fever: 2 tablets four times a day with tea or warm milk. For prevention against malaria: 2...
HemoflowKARE Capsules
[desc] Benefits: Natural Haemostatic helps to relieve excessive bleeding and spitting blood. Suggested Use: 1 capsule two times a day. OR as directed by the physician. Keep away from sunlight and children. Packing: 30 capsules in a blister pack of...
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Suranjeen Capsules
[desc] Benefits: Effective in sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, and rheumatic pains. Relieves coxalgia and articular pains by excretion of uric acid. Suggested Use: 1 capsule two times a day with water or as directed by the physician. Packing: 30 capsules blister...

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