Khameera Marvareed (Khas)

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Compound of real pearls which are natural source of calcium. Potent cardiac tonic. Relieves perplexity and palpitation. Useful for measles and normalizes high blood pressure.

Suggested Use:

For Adults: 5gm (1/2 teaspoon) two times a day.

For Children: 2.5gm (1/4 teaspoon) two times a day.

OR as directed by the physician.

Packing: 100gm in HDPE Jar

               500gm in HDPE Jar

3-4 Working Days

Product Description

A rich source of Calcium and Minerals. Effective to build and maintain strong bones. Heart, muscles and nerves also need calcium to function properly. A cardio tonic and strengthen cardiovascular functions by potentiating muscle function in presence of high amount of calcium.

Each 10gm contains:



Mode of Action


Borage fowers

125 mg


Gamma linoleic acid (GLA), which contains 25% of GLA, by elevating prostaglandin-E (PGE) level that leads to cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) augmentation; GLA could count as a strong suppressor of TNF-α. The mechanism mentioned above can clarify the anti-inflammatory effect.

Help to reduce inflammation. Used for fever, cough, and depression. Use as mood enhancer.

Carminative, Anti-flatulent, Cardio tonic.

White Behen


Nervine tonic, sedative, improves vital organ function



Improve cholesterol level in normal range, normalizes blood sugar and blood pressure, Ease digestive discomfort, Exhilarant

Leopards Bane


The root is cardio tonic and nervine. It is useful for nervine depression. Effective in palpitation, paralysis, melancholia, nervous exhaustion. Strengthens heart and brain and improves digestion.

Indian Catmint


powerful astringent, carminative, febrifuge ,cardio and nervine tonic

Cooling Seeds


Refrigerant, immune active, Carminative

Virginia Peppergrass


Expectorate the excessive phlegm in cough ,effective for edema, oliguria and liquid accumulation in the thoraco abdominal cavity,

Clary Sage


Cardio tonic, Exhilarant and Astringent


  • Compound of real pearls which are natural source of calcium
  • Potent cardiac tonic.
  • Relieves perplexity and palpitation.
  • Useful for measles.
  • Normalizes high blood pressure.


Children: 2.5gm (1/4 Teaspoon twice a day).
Adults: 5gm (1/2 Teaspoon twice a day).


OR as directed by the physician.

Side Effects:

Khameera Marvareed (Khas) is a time tested herbal product and is free of any side effects.


100gm in HDPE Jar

500gm in HDPE Jar

Shelf Life:

Use within 3 years.


Keep away from sunlight and children.

Use within one month after opening.

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