Vitality Restorative Bundle
[desc] Description: Qarshi brings you a combo pack for improved energy & strength. The pack includes Ginsovit and Genxing and a FREE Sharbat Faulad. Ginsovit helps to improve strength, enhances your ability to concentrate and focus, counters fatigue, and increases...
Fat Loss Bundle!
[desc] It’s a complete fat loss bundle for a month. Get your bowel system toned up with Gesto Tablets, lose your stubborn fat with Anti-Fat, enhance your metabolism with Chuarqa and get rid of bloating and gasses with Safoof-e-Tabkhir and...
Dengue Kit
Dengue Kit
[desc] Qarshi Dengue Kit provides support in reducing the severity of dengue fever. It is helpful in boosting immunity and useful in associated weakness. DangueKARE capsules contain ingredients that have an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-pyretic actions helpful in Dengue fever...
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