Women' Health - Feminine wellness Bundle

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Description: Unveil the power of our Women's Health - Feminine Wellness Bundle, now uniquely crafted to cater to Lukkoreha treatment needs. This bundle is your all-in-one solution, providing holistic care for a more comfortable and confident you.

Bundle Contains:

  • Khameera Marvareed 120ml
Benefits: Compound of real pearls which are a natural source of calcium. Potent cardiac tonic. Relieves perplexity and palpitation. Useful for measles and normalizes high blood pressure.
Suggested Use: 5gm (1/2 teaspoon) two times a day.
  • Supari Pak 70gm
Benefits: A specific remedy for leucorrhoea. Effective in general weakness, paleness, blood deficiency, muscular and nervine weakness associated with leucorrhoea. A natural and effective source of calcium.
Suggested Use: 10gm (2 teaspoons) twice a day with milk.
  • Lecodine Tablets (50 Tab)


Leucorrhoea can cause physical weakness, fatigue, coxalgia, and anorexia. Lecodine is an effective remedy for leucorrhoea, amenorrhea, and problems associated with these. Also effective in calcium deficiency.

Suggested Use: 2 tablets three times a day with milk.

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