Under CCM-27, Qarshi Organization took following measures within the Organization and beyond:

  1. Establishment of Healthcare Team 1, 2 & 3:
  2. The HCM team-1 was responsible to provide medical assistance and facilitation to Family & Friends.
  3. The HCM team-2 & 3 were responsible to provide medical assistance and facilitation to employees and their families.
  4. To ensure the crises management, Qarshi organization conducted awareness campaigns Within the organization on how to keep safe from exposure to Covid-19 virus. Which gave Good results.
  5. Qarshi organization provided all of its employees with face masks, gloves and hand Sanitizers for hand disinfection hygiene support to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread.
  6. Qarshi organization ensured the daily meetings (Virtual) through ZOOM. These meetings Helped a lot to ensure the proper implementation of all Plans.
  7. Qarshi organization also established On Call Facilitation Desk for all employees to provide the consultancy and awareness on Covid-19 for employees and their families through its Competent Hakeems and Natural Medicine Physicians.
  8. Preventive Natural Medicine packs were provided to all employees.
  9. Qarshi organization provided 3,700 Ration packs to peoples affected by of lock down in first 2020 (1st Wave of Covid 19).
  10. Qarshi organization distributed 70,000 Qarshi Jam e Shirin bottles to general public Through various organizations.
  11. SPRINGLEY, the only natural mineral water of Pakistan, was provided daily to all the COVID-19 patients in Mayo Hospital.
  12. In 2nd Wave of Covid 19, all employees of Qarshi Organization were again provided CnF and Symptomatic Kits to ensure their preventive care.
  13. Now in 3rd wave of Covid 19, Qarshi Foundation has again activated the Covid 19 Facilitation Desk which is providing complete facilitation to the employees who are Covid Positive.
  14. In 3rd Wave of Covid 19, Qarshi Organization is also providing rations to its employees (since September, 2020 till to date) and also to Jame shirin park and University project employees (one time) with estimated budget of 29 million.
  15. Qarshi Foundation is providing CnF Kits and Symptomatic Kits to its all employees and SBPs regularly and continuously.
  16. Qarshi Foundation has coordinated and approached to different Embassies in Pakistan and has offered the CnF and Symptomatic Kits for their countries.
  17. In 3rd Wave, Qarshi Foundation is providing Qarshi Jam e Shirin to general public through various NGOs to cater their Ration Needs.
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