Qarshi is a socially responsible organization that fulfills its mission and lives by its values. In our daily operations, we at Qarshi conduct our business ethically and with integrity. We believe in dealing fairly with all stakeholders, taking care of our employees and providing needed service to the community and the world we trade in. We care for the environment through direct and indirect environment conservation practices. In our manufacturing process total ecological harmony is maintained by ensuring efficient waste conversion systems that achieve zero solid waste level all year round.

For the maintenance of plants, beautification of parks and conservation of environment, we have long standing relationships with government and non government organizations like PHA and WWF. Maintenance of JS Park, Qarshi Point and JS Boulevard in Lahore are some examples of giving back to the community. We also regularly sponsor exhibitions, flower festivals and workshops and seminars to building awareness of environmental issues at leading colleges.


Under our CSR activities we contribute to the welfare of the people in devastating situations. For example in calamities like earth quake, we took part in rehabilitating the victims and helped to prevent outbreak of infectious diseases in the affected areas. In recurrent flood situations, quick relief has been provided in terms of consumer goods (Jam e Shirin, Garden’s powdered drinks, Ramadan items, Jams and Pickles) natural medicines such as Aab e Nuqra (for making water bacteria-free) and Kare drops (for preventing epidemic infections of eyes, nose and throat).



Qarshi Foundation

Founded by Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi in July 1994, Qarshi Foundation carries out social welfare activities with focus on Health, Education, Welfare Projects and Environment Conservation. Qarshi Foundation strives to bring sustainable development by raising health awareness, and promoting professional and technical education and research activities. For this purpose, it runs various model complexes comprising of educational and health facilities.

The foundation has established Tibbi Dispensaries, Mother Child & Health Care Centres and Hospitals. In the area of education Qarshi Foundation is sponsoring schools, running a Vocational Training Centre, Engineering College and QITHM. The foundation also provides education materials to schools, gives scholarships to bright students and offers Qarz-e-Hasna to deserving students for higher and technical studies.

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Qarshi University

Qarshi University (visit, recently set up near Lahore, aims to offer quality education at affordable costs. Besides a number of departments that will provide education to produce leaders in different fields, the University offers Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery and a degree programme in Islamic Medicine with a modern outlook.

The foundation also gives financial assistance to the Deeni Madaris, NGOs and Institutes etc. including assistance to Islamic University, Bahawalpur in establishing the Department of Conventional Medicine.

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