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DigestiEase Bundle

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Discover our DigestiEase Bundle, a comprehensive bundle focused solely on digestive health medicine. Tailored to support and enhance your digestive well-being, each product within this collection is formulated to address specific concerns and promote a balanced digestive system. From targeted supplements to gentle relief formulas, trust DigestiEase for a proactive approach to your digestive care journey.

Product Details:
  • Gestofill Liquid (120ml in PET Bottle)


For acidity, heartburn, dyspepsia, appetite, constipation, irritability, and abdominalgia.

Suggested Use:

  • For Adults: 10ml (2 teaspoons) after meal thrice a day.
  • For Children: 5ml (1 teaspoon) after meal thrice a day.
  • Safoof-e-Tabkhir (60gm in HDPE Jar)


An effective remedy for indigestion, acidity, and associated problems like flatulence, heartburn, vertigo, vomiting, and stomachache.

Suggested Use: 2.5gm (1/2 teaspoon) twice a day after meal.

  • Zanjabeen Capsules ( 20 capsules blister pack (2X10's))


Effective for hyperacidity, nausea, and vomiting. It regulates the digestive system. It is also useful in migraine and motion sickness.

Suggested Use:

  • Usual effective dose: 1 capsule two times a day.
  • In acute condition: 2 capsules two times a day.


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