Gen-Xing Capsules

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  • Multi-mineral to regain strength elevates energy levels and helps to rejuvenates your mind.

Suggested Use:

  • 1 capsule a day after breakfast.
  • OR as directed by the physician.


  • 30 capsules (3x10) blister pack.

Product Enlistment No: 00414.0024


  • Every Capsule contain:

    Active Ingredients Quantity Mode of Action
    Egg shell compound 200 mg Consist of calcium carbonate, along with small amounts of protein and other organic compounds. It is the essential nutrient that establishes the link between hormonal glands and brain. It is the underlying factor behind the mechanical process.
    Magnesium compound 200 mg Co-factor for hundreds of enzymatic processes protects the cardiovascular system. Magnesium is required for growth and maintenance of bones, proper function of nerves, muscles, and many other parts of the body. In the stomach, magnesium helps neutralize stomach acid and moves stools through the intestine.
    Zinc compound 45 mg Essential for growth, immune system function, testosterone metabolism and functioning of enzymes.
    Berberry Ext. 50 mg It plays a vital role in recovering weakness by improving the immune system. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities.Reduce the density of serum cholesterol and triglycerides, which is excellent for heart health and overall wellbeing. Barberry cleans liver effectively and flush agent for gallbladder. It acts as a mild laxative and helps to regulate the digestive processes.
    Sulphur substituted Olive oil 30 mg Antioxidant and regulates digestion.
  • Indications:

    Supports nervous system.
    Potentiate immune system.
    Improve male sexual health.
    Useful in general weakness & mental weakness.


    (For Adults only)
    1 capsule after breakfast.
    OR as directed by the physician.
  • Properties:

    Gen-Xing is a tonic for energy, strength and vitality. The capsules effectively alleviate the nervous and physical weakness.

  • Side Effects:

    Gen-xing capsules are time tested herbal preparation and is free of any side effects.


    30 capsules (3 ×10).


    Keep away from sunlight and children.

    Shelf Life:

    Use within 3 years from the date of manufacturing.
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