Radiant Revival Skincare Bundle

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Musaffeen Variant :

Bundle Contains:

  • AloeKARE Capsules - 30 capsules


Useful for acne and skin allergies. Helps to excrete waste / toxic materials from the body. Supportive of the functions of the liver and spleen.
Suggested Use: 2 capsules twice a day.

  • Arq-e-Gulab Spray - 120ml

Benefits: Qarshi Arq-e-Gulab is a pure distillate of fresh rose petals & contains no artificial ingredients. It is a natural toner that cleanses your skin from deep within ridding it of any dirt, grime, or foreign bodies that can damage your skin. Best for all skin issues.
Suggested Use: Spray evenly across the face before makeup as a primer, after the application of makeup to set it, and anytime during the day to refresh, moisturize or hydrate the skin.


  • Musaffeen Liquid - 120ml / Musaffeen Tablets (40 Qurs)
Benefits: Helpful in blood purification. Useful in skin, rashness, pimples, prickles boils.
Suggested Use for Tablets: 2 tablets thrice a day.

Suggested Use for Syrup: 10ml (2 teaspoons) thrice a day.

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