Itreefal Ustukhudus

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  • Effective in headache and migraine.
  • Useful in cerebral diseases especially epilepsy and melancholia.
  • Effective in catarrh and helps in excretion of the phlegmatic fluid.

Suggested Use:

  • Children: 1 teaspoon (5gm) at bedtime with lukewarm water.
  • Adults:1 teaspoon (10gm) at bedtime with water.
  • OR as directed by the physician.


  • 100gm jar.
  • 250gm jar.

Product Enlistment No: 00414.0033
  • Each 10 gm Contains:

    English Name Quantity Mode of Actions
    Chebulic Myrobalan (yellow) 286.80mg It aids visual acuity and drainage from the eyes it is an eye tonic, a desiccant of moisture in the eye, and is useful for epiphoria and eye irritation Significantly decreases free acidity, total acidity, and upregulated mucin secretion, and inhibits H + K+-ATPase activity.
    Chebulic Myrobalan (Black) 143.40mg It strengthens memory retention and brain activity It is a digestive, laxative (soaked), and decreases hemorrhoidal bleeding (burnt powder) It has protective effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa,
    Polypody 143.40mg Protective against supramaximal electroshock and seizures. The antiepileptic activity is due to CNS depression. It decreases the spontaneous motor activity, reduces body temperature and increases the reaction time to pain stimuli It is soothing, demulcent stimulant, influencing the mucous membrane of the alvine canal and respiratory organs
    Emblic 143.40mg Amla is a potent rejuvenator and is useful in stalling degenerative and senescence processes, promoting longevity, enhancing digestion, treating constipation, reducing fever, purifying the blood, reducing cough, alleviating asthma, strengthening the heart, benefiting the eyes Lowers hepatic lipid peroxidation (LPO) and increased the superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT) activities Exhibits antitussive activity by mechanical stimulation of the laryngo-pharyngeal and trachea-bronchial mucous areas of airways.
    Senna leaf 143.40mg Senna possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties due to its compound called resveratrol and hence is used in various inflammatory conditions.
    Dodder 143.40mg Exhibits anticonvulsant effect and antidepressant effect It delays the onset of seizure.
    It has antipyretic activity due to inhibition of Prostaglandin synthesis
    Turpeth root 143.40mg It is cathartic and purgative Its effectiveness magnifies threefold when mixed with chebulic myroblan Its effectiveness magnifies threefold when mixed with chebulic myroblan.
    Blocks prostaglandin biosynthesis by inhibiting cyclooxygenase enzyme.
    Inhibition of this enzyme centrally produces the analgesic antipyretic effect,
    Arabian Lavender 143.40mg Decreases symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.
    Reduces blood pressure by reduced autonomic nervous system activation and increased relaxation; Reduce GABA dependent currents and helps stabilize neurological signalling
    Raisins Large Dried grapes 143.40mg Exhibits antioxidant effect. in addition to scavenging free radicals, strongly and non-competitively inhibit xanthine oxidase activity, the enzyme which triggers the oxyradical cascade Procyanidin, an active compound of V. vinifera exhibits anti-influenza activity
    Beleric Myrobalan 143.40mg Exhibit antisecretory and antinociceptive effects, Affects B cell proliferation through T cell-independent and T cell dependent mechanisms respectively.
    Inhibits elevated body temperature.
    Exhibits anti-bacterial action through β-lactamase inhibitor activity
    Sodium benzoate 143.40mg Preservative
  • Indications:

    Effective in headache and migraine.
    Useful in cerebral diseases especially epilepsy and melancholia.
    Effective in catarrh and helps in excretion of phlegmatic fluids.


    10gm (1 teaspoonful) at bed time with water.
    OR as directed by the physician
  • Properties:

    Itreefal Ustukhudus is effective in headache and migraine and useful in cerebral diseases especially epilepsy and melancholia. Also Effective in catarrh and helps in excretion of phlegmatic fluids.
    Itreefal is a polyherbal preparation that has been used traditionally for several years. It composed of the three medicinal fruits Phyllanthus emblica L. or Emblica officinalis Gaertn. (Euphorbiaceae), Terminalia chebula Retz. (Combretaceae), and Terminalia belerica Retz. (Combretaceae). The ingredients in Itreefal Ustukhudus fights migraine through cholinergic system and inhibit acetylcholine release and alter ion channel function at the neuromuscular junction. They are also helpful in related symptoms of migraine (nausea, vomiting, photophobia, phonophobia and osmophobia)

  • Side Effects: Itreefal Ustukhudus is time tested herbal product and is free of any side effects.

    Packing: 50gm, 100gm, 250gm in HDPE jar

    Shelf Life: Use within 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

    Storage: Keep away from sunlight and children.

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