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Benefits: Useful in muscular and joint pains. Helps to reduce swelling, stiffness in arthritis, and minimizes degenerative changes for the healthy function of joints.

Suggested Use:

For pain management and prevention of arthritis: 1 capsule 1 -2 times a day with meals.

For symptomatic relief of arthritis: 1 capsule 4 times a day with meals.

OR as directed by the physician. 

Packing: 30 capsules in a blister pack of (3*10).

3-4 Working Days

Product Description

KneeKARE capsule is effective and helpful in relieving joint pain and swelling by improving musculoskeletal functions.

Rheumatic diseases affect your joints tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles. Among them are many types of arthritis, a term used for conditions that affect your joints.
Sometimes they’re called musculoskeletal diseases. Common symptoms include:
Joint pain
Loss of motion in a joint or joints
Inflammation -- swelling, redness, and warmth in a joint or affected area
KneeKARE inhibits inflammatory agents and provides relief in inflammation of joints and associated rheumatic conditions.

Each capsule contains:

English Name


Mode of Action



Works by preventing local activation of NF-kappaB and the subsequent expression of NF-kappaB-regulated genes mediating joint inflammation and destruction, including chemokines and cyclooxygenase 2

Also inhibits inflammatory cell influx, joint levels of prostaglandin E(2), and periarticular osteoclast formation   suppress oxidative damage

Black Pepper


Helps in storing up of energy, diaphoresis, thirst and fatigue. Piperine acts significantly on early acute changes in inflammatory process and also exhibits muscle relaxant effect

Significantly reduces nociceptive and arthritic symptoms by inhibiting the expression of inflammatory cytokines i.e. IL6 ,MMP13 and reduction in the production of PGE2

Gum Gugal


Exhibits Analgesic, Anti-arthritic, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antispasmodic properties

The results of several studies confirm anti-inflammatory and antiarthritic activities of guggul. It improves symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis 

  • Useful in muscular and joint pain
  • Helps to reduce swelling, stiffness in arthritis and minimizes degenerative changes for healthy functions of joints.


For pain management and prevention of arthritis:

1 capsule 1-2 times a day with meals

For symptomatic relief of arthritis:

1 capsule 4 times a day with meals.

OR as directed by the physician.

Side Effects:

KneeKARE  is time tested herbal product and is free of any side effects.


30 capsule’s in blister pack (3×10)

60 capsule’s in HDPE container

Shelf Life:

Use within 3 years from the date of manufacturing.


Keep away from sunlight and children.

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