Majoon Dabeed-ul-Ward

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Effective in inflammation and weakness of the liver. Relieves ureteral inflammation. Helps in improving the malfunctioning of the digestive system.

Suggested Use: 7gm (3/4 teaspoon) two times a day after meals with milk.

OR as directed by the physician.

Packing: 100gm in HDPE Jar

                500gm in HDPE Jar

3-4 Working Days

Product Description

Majoon Dabeed-ul-ward is helpful in Liver ailments, weakness of stomach, Hepatitis and dropsy.

Each 10gm contains:




Mode of Action


724.63 mg

Exerts various biological functions, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti‐microbiological activities. It inhibits COX‐2 expression as well as expressions of several inflammatory cytokines.


36.23 mg

Cinnamon has immunomodulation activity through inhibition of lymphocyte proliferation and induction of T-cell differentiation

Senna Leaf

36.23 mg

Provides relief in constipation by increasing colon motility by a selective action at the nerve plexus of intestinal smooth muscle.

Also regulates digestive system by modulation of prostaglandins

and serotonin in the colon

Indian Valerian

36.23 mg

It is used in stomach upset. It cleanses undigested toxins (Ama) from the colon, blood, joints, and nerves.


36.23 mg

Used as a tonic, gastric stimulant, and anti-flatulent. Shows anti-inflammatory effect by inhibition IL-1beta expression by down regulating the AP-1 transcription factor and MAPK activity (decreased phosphorylation). In vitro, the constituent arctigenin inhibited MAP kinases and AP-1 activation; TNF-alpha inhibition played a role in this process

Dodder Seed

36.23 mg

Used for urinary tract, spleen, psychiatric, and hepatic disorders.Exhbits heptoprotective activity through anti-oxidant action. It is helpful in Urinary tract disorders by improved measures of renal function, such as urinary excretion rate and electrolyte levels, and reduced tubular damage



36.23 mg

It is used for preventing kidney stones, disintegrating kidney stones, general menstrual disorders, and general urinary disorders. It can inhibit crystallization of calcium oxalate crystals and phosphate under physiological conditions


36.23 mg

It is helpful in obesity, renal and spleen disorders, jaundice, backache problems, leprosy, ulceration, epilepsy and chicken pox. It is an amazing liver tonic, when taken with other liver stimulant herbs.

Chicory Seed

36.23 mg

Chicory is used for hypertension, congestive heart failure, constipation, liver disease, loss of appetite, dyspepsia, and gallbladder. It has anti-inflammatory activity it inhibits prostaglandin E(2), and cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2), and key inflammatory cytokines

Celery Seed

36.23 mg

Celery is used as, mild diuretic, urinary antiseptic, digestive aid, anti-flatulent, for regulating bowel movements, stimulating glands, for blood purification.

Bracteated Birthwort

36.23 mg

Exhibits anti-inflammatory activity by nitric oxide and 1,1-diphenyl-2 picryl, hydrazyl (DPPH)-induced free radical assay methods showed good free radical scavenging activity

Sodium Benzoate

6.34 mg


  • Effective in inflammation and weakness of liver.
  • Relieves uteral inflammation.
  • Help in improving malfunctioning of digestive system.


7gm (3/4 teaspoon) twice a day.
OR as directed by physician.


100gm in HDPE Jar

500gm in HDPE Jar

Shelf Life:

Use within 3 years from the date of manufacturing.


Keep away from sunlight and children.

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