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An effective remedy for indigestion, acidity, and associated problems like flatulence, heartburn, vertigo, vomiting, and stomachache.

Suggested Use: 2.5gm (1/2 teaspoon) twice a day after meal.

OR as directed by the physician.

Packing: 60gm in HDPE Jar

3-4 Working Days

Product Description

Safoof e Tabkhir is powder dosage form solution for digestive conditions of indigestion, acidity and associated problems like flatulence, heartburn, vertigo, vomiting and stomachache.
By promoting peristaltic movement, glandular secretion and enzymatic action while anti-spasmodic actions of constituents alleviate colic pains.
Soothing effects of Ispaghol seed, liquorice and cardamom helps to heal abrasive damage of mucosa by hyperacidity and bacterial focal invasion.

Each gm contains:

English Name


Mode Of Action


190.81 mg

 Hyoscine a Tropane alkaloid effective  anticolic and  spasmolytic drugs  in both digestive and urinary tract spastic conditions. Accelerate digestion, as digestive stimulant reduces food transit time in relieve digestive pathologic conditions.

Fennel Seed

190.81 mg

Fennel seed is one of the most effective digestive aids, having carminative, smooth muscle antispasmodic, relieve flatulence and stomachic properties. 

Ispaghola Seed

127.20 mg

Psyllium (seeds) is a prebiotic a substance needed for healthy colonies of probiotics to grow in the gut. Promote regular bowl movement and overall digestive health.


127.20 mg

Promotes smooth movement of the digestive system and regulates the bowel as well as liver functions.


127.20 mg

·       Induces higher secretion of bile acids and stimulate pancreatic enzymes secretion which exert digestive stimulant

·       Cumin seeds shows spasmolytic effect mediated through calcium antagonist.

Wild Mint

63.60 mg

Helps to activate the salivary glands as well as the glands which secrete the digestive enzymes, thereby facilitating digestion.

Menthol oil helps to alleviate nausea related to motion sickness. It also soothes the stomach in case of indigestion or inflammation. 


63.60 mg

The anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties of glycyrrhizic acid speed up the repair of stomach lining and restore balance.

Ammonium chloride

42.40 mg

Being Carminative, diuretic and anti-inflammatory

Lack Salt

42.40 mg

It helps the body to produce digestive juices and stimulate its secretion, so that digestion gets faster and it helps to prevent buildup in the digestive tract (constipation).


21.20 mg

Promote liver functions which aids digestion and remove toxic material from intestine.

Lesser Cardamom

3.53 mg

Cardamom extract is effective as anti-ulcer relieve discomfort,  nausea and vomiting. Stomach tonic .

  • Effective remedy for indigestion, acidity and associated problems like flatulence, heartburn, vertigo, vomiting and stomachache.


2.5gm (1/2 teaspoon) twice a day after meal
OR as directed by the physician.

Side Effects:

Safoof e Tabkhir is a time tested herbal product and is free of any side effects.


60gm in HDPE Jar

Shelf Life:

Use within 3 years from the date of manufacturing.


Keep away from sunlight and children.

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