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Product Uniqueness: 

Great thirst quencher.

Peps you up and protects you from sunstroke.

Detoxifies the body, leaving a soothing and cooling effect.

235 Tests and Checks for quality assurance.


Mix in water to enjoy a healthy refreshing and thirst-quenching drink.

Add to enhance the flavor of milkshakes.

Give your deserts (cakes, Ice cream, fruit, etc) an ethnic twist by topping them with Sharbat Bazoori.

Use as a sweetener in your traditional desserts.


Sharbat Bazoori is a blend of natural ingredients that not only beats the summer heat but also keeps you hydrated. Besides being cooling & refreshing in action, Qarshi Sharbat Bazoori offers an array of health benefits to the body.

Produced on the state of the art plant with gold standard manufacturing technique Qarshi Sharbat Bazoori undergoes multiple tests and checks to ensure its quality.

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