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Refreshes breathe.

187 Tests and Checks for quality assurance.


Mixed in water as a refreshing and thirst-quenching drink.

Energizing drink as Sharbat Illachi added to milk.

Taste enhancer of milkshakes.

Topping on ice cream, fruits, cakes, and desserts.

To flavor traditional desserts as an alternative to crushed cardamom.


Sharbat-e-Illacheen, the refreshing classic with cardamom taste sensation is an all Natural Syrup. Reserving the delicate and soul-soothing aroma of cardamom, Sharbat-e-Illacheen is free from artificial flavors. It is manufactured on the State-of-the-art plant of Qarshi Industries in Hattar, Pakistan using gold standard raw materials and process. Multiple tests and checks are conducted as a testimony to assure its quality.

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