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Roghan Loang
[desc] Benefits: Effective for muscular and nervine weakness. Useful for polio, facial paralysis, and toothache (due to cavity). Packing: 8ml PET bottle. [desc-end] [enlistNo] Product Enlistment No: 00414.0052 [enlistNo-end] [tab-1] Properties Roghan Loang is effective for the condition of toothache,...
Hab-e-Amber Momiai
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Hab-e-Amber Momiai
[desc] Benefits: Potentiates the vital parts. Preserves potency and strength. Restores energy. Very effective in chronic pains. Suggested Use: 1 to 2 tablets two times a day with milk 1 hour after meals or as directed by the physician. Packing:...
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Castor Oil
[desc] Benefits: Castor oil also known as “Roghan-e-Arind” is a natural laxative which is helpful for excretion of waste materials from stomach and intestine. Effective harmless natural laxative. Effective for the excretion of waste material from the stomach and intestine with...
Ahmareen Syrup
[desc] Benefits: A unique herbal tonic for vital parts. It regulates the functions of the heart, liver, and brain. It is also useful in memory enhancement. Suggested Use: To be taken with milk or fruit juice. Children: 1 tablespoonful (5 to...
Sadaf Murakab
[desc] Benefits: Strengthen the bones by eliminating the general deficiency of calcium in all ages. Effective for premature ejaculation & leucorrhoea. Provides natural calcium for the general growth of children. Suggested Use:For children up to 5 years: 250 mg Sadaf Murakab with butter...
Qali Murakab
[desc] Benefits: Useful in improving the men's health by increasing the viscosity of the prostate fluid and early discharge.  Suggested Use: 125mg to 250mg Qali Murakab mixed in 5gm (1/2 teaspoon) Jawarish Jalinoos, Dawa ul Misk or Laboob two times...
Marjan Murakab
[desc] Benefits: Effective for cardiovascular diseases. Helpful in relieving mental stress and Improves eyesight. Suggested Use: 250mg to 500mg Marjan Murakab mixed in 5gm (1/2 teaspoon) Khameera Gaozuban two times a day or as directed by the physician. Packing: 7gm...
FerroKARE Capsules
 [desc] Benefits: Supplement for maintenance of good health. Suggested Use: 1 capsule two times a day. OR as directed by the physician. Keep it away from sunlight and children. Packing: 30 capsules blister pack (3*10) [desc-end] [enlistNo] Product Enlistment No:...
Faulad Murakab
[desc] Benefits: Effective for hepatic disorders and anemia. Improves liver functioning. Helpful for improving general iron deficiency in the body. Suggested Use: 125 to 250 mg Faulad Murakab mixed in 5 gm (1/2 teaspoon) Jawarish Jalinoos, Dawa-ul-Misk, Or Laboob two times a...
Aqeeq Murakab
[desc] Benefits: Helpful in conditions like blood and pus in saliva and thirst. Supportive to strengthen the heart and brain. Useful to reduce redness in the eyes. Suggested Use: 125mg to 250mg Aqeeq Murakab mixed in 5gm (1/2 teaspoon) Khameera...
Abrak Sufaid Murakab
[desc] Benefits: Helpful to relieve different types of fevers. Suggested Use: 125mg to 250mg Abrak Sufaid Murakab mixed in 5gm (1/2 teaspoon) Khameera Gaozuban twice a day or as directed by the physician. Packing: 10gm jar.  [desc-end] [enlistNo] Product Enlistment...

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